About Me
I, Khan Muhammad Nafee Mostafa Sadh a.k.a. nafSadh iceSadhhire khanShahib, am an undergraduate student majoring Computer Science and Engineering at the Dept of CSE  in KUET (Khulna University of Engineering & Technology), a leading engineering university of Bangladesh.

I have been working on several aspects of computing technology and worked up with some successful student projects.

My first project came to public notice was on Intelligent Home codenamed 'INTELOME' [more] developed with 3 other UG students RatulSrijon and Rizel of KUET CSE 2k5 under the supervision of Prof Dr M.M.A. Hashem. It was displayed and well responded in BASIS Soft Expo 2008. [less]

My next project was on automated traffic jam recognition aided with image processing. [more] This project was codenamed 'Traffic Window', co-worked with Ratul by the supervision of Rushdi Shams. 'Traffic Window' employed the power of image processing and exploited the telecommunication and internet facility for remote alert or information services. [less]

Next, I along with ParvejRatul and Sourav formed the PSSR Web Engineers group and worked on a project codenamed ‘SeaLand’. [more] This project targeted at developing a community web service that benefit both professional and personal aspects of life. We hope to bring this project online in near future. [less]

As a fourth year student now I am doing my thesis work on Intelligent Internet along with Ratul, and Sourav with the supervision of Rushdi Shams. [more] We are now working on semantic web, web ontology and dreaming to introduce next generation web, Web 3.0 of the Giant Global Graph. :D [less]

Besides, I am fond of problem solving with the aid of computer programming and also attended an ACM ICPC Dhaka Regional Contest event on the year 2007 and secured the 11th place. Precisely I must add that, I have also served as a resource person in a workshop on ACM Programming contest conducted by the Dept of CSE at KUET and also coached several UG students on Java.

Beyond these, I have been active in several important roles around the campus. I have served as general secretary of Fazlul Haque Hall’s Hall Committee and the Class Representative of KUET CSE 2k5. I am the General Secretary of IEEE Student Branch at KUET.

Apart from all these curricular and co-curricular activities I am the bad boy playing and 'addafying' with a huge group of friends; a good boy, playing computer games whenever I find my graphics card relaxed; a movie enthusiast watching whatever kind of movie people make in this earth; a genius talking all the bullshit about everything I don’t know; a poet writing nonsense with Bangla words; a linguist speaking correct Bengali; an artist who last touched a brush seven years ago and now rely on Photoshop; a reader who read all the Bengali literature and some English literary work and above all I am Nafee Mostafa Sadh...

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