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      • » Sadh's Intro to Java [Snippet][×]
        Novice’s first footstep in the island of Java; Introductory information about Java and help on JDK setup with some notes about books, tutorials and IDEs
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      • » Our Approach to Semantic Web [Snippet][×]
        World Wide Web is a rapidly evolving technology and arguably the greatest technological success in the history. From the start, dated back in the 1990, when web was just a collection of html documents it gathered a lot of attention from wide variety of people and continually introduced new and newer features. Gradually most of its contents turned into web application rather than being simple web pages and now is regarded as a great information source, communication media and the social network. Even so, it has been kept dumb since its birth and thus turned into a clutter of valuable resources where users often fail to find desired content and give up by blaming the whole internet system...
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      • » None yet![Snippet][×]
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      • » Rethink database application (for newbie) [Snippet][×]
        database application can be of various nature and facilities. It is not just what is defined – it is what you define, rethink any application, ideate and imagine new amazing software. You can define the new way people will write in, you bring the next new step in social networking and you can help doctors define the future of public health.
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      • » Sadh's Talk on GPU Computing [Snippet][×]
        Graphics processing units - powerful, programmable, and highly parallel - are increasingly targeting general-purpose computing applications....
        Over the past few years, the GPU has evolved from a fixed-function special-purpose processor into a full-fledged parallel programmable processor with additional fixed-function special-purpose functionality...
        All GPU programs must be structured in this way: many parallel elements, each processed in parallel by a single program...

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