I, Khan Muhammad Nafee Mostafa Sadh, am a computer tech-insider from Tangail, Bangladesh studying Computer Science and Engineering at Khulna University of Engineering & Technology. I develop software and engineer web beside gaming and movie-watching.

In a nice dawn on October 10, 1988, I screamed for the first time and the world said me welcome with a beaming soft sunlight amidst the quiet of the nice city of Tangail. I was thence brought up there for few days and soon flew for Yanbu, Saudi Arabia where I passed first and most pleasant few years of my life. Soon I became the source of smile for my mom Nasrin Akhter and dad Golam Mostafa Khan. I started to play a lot, draw pictures, watch cartoons, read stories and soon at the age of 3 years found myself accompanied by a sweet little sister Myeesha Mostafa Shuchi.

On the fifteenth sunshine of December, 1995 I along with my sister and mom flew back in Bangladesh to settle at Tangail but my dad remained to continue his job at SWCC in KSA. I got my first schooling at “Town Government Primary School, Tangail”; in those days, I used to rush on the streets all over my neighbourhood riding my favourite bicycle and played cricket. As day passed, I started going to “BinduBasini Govt. Boys’ High School”, which has earned fame across the state by teaching students from 1880 A.D. I feel proud of this school and met the most influencing group of friends, whom I would remember till I shut my eye forever.

In the year 2003, I appeared in my first public examination from Bindubasini and completed secondary school education. Afterwards, I moved to Dhaka and went into B N M Rifles Public School and College. There, I met a nice folk of fellows; I made acquaintances from other colleges also before the completion of my higher secondary education in 2005. In the following year, I decided to have a graduation degree in engineering and chosen Computer Science at KUET.

Now, I am a student of KUET, proud member of the 8th batch of department of CSE, nicknamed kuet cse 2k5

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