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The name ‘nafSadh’ refer to Khan Muhammad Nafee Mostafa Sadh son of Golam Mostafa Khan Son of Ahmad Ali Khan of Tangail, Bangladesh. It is to mention that, nafSadh is also known by the names Khan Muhammad Nafee Mostafa, Nafee M Sadh, Nafee Mostafa Sadh, Mustafa Sadh, Sadh, Nafee and NafSadh IceSapphire KhanShahib.

The word and name ‘nafSadh’ and any derivation of the name in any form or language are of intellectual right of nafSadh. Likewise, the words: Sadhontoon, NS7, bhaswor are copyrighted.

The site is fully owned by Khan Muhammad Nafee Mostafa Sadh (nafSadh) and each content of this site, if not mentioned otherwise, is of intellectual right of nafSadh. Any reproduction of contents, unless mentioned otherwise, of this site is violation of copyright and one who violates can be legally prosecuted.

Any free software distributed by the mean of this site is distributed under ‘NafSadhier Freeware License Agreement’ (NS7FLA).

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